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Remote Start and Car Security Systems – Eugene Oregon

Studies have shown that every 22 seconds a vehicle in the US is broken into and over 1 million vehicles are reported stolen annually. Eugene is the car theft capital of the state of Oregon. Although car thefts have declined nationwide in the past few years, they have increased in Oregon according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Hot Spots Report. Over 40 vehicles are stolen daily. Don’t be a statistic and come into Custom Audio to have a high quality security system installed! 

 Here at Custom Audio we are dedicated to educating you on the best security systems! A few of our best selling brands we carry are Avital, Auto Mate and Clifford. 

Avital’s motto is “It’s your car, keep it that way.”  One of their best remote start and security products we carry is their 2-Way LCD Remote Start With Security Model 5303. This top-of-the-line system can start your vehicle with the push of a button from up to 1,500 feet away! This comes with a LCD 5-button, backlit remote that has tone and vibe modes and zone identification. This system has Zone-2 impact sensor, nuisance prevention, fault-proof starter interrupt, a and warn-away siren. There are also command confirmations, event notifications, temperature and clock time via the remote control. When you arm or disarm the system, you receive confirmation on the remote. If the siren sounds the remote notifies you.  

Automate systems are long lasting and designed to enhance and protect your vehicle. Custom Audio is Here’s why: They provide high-quality vehicle security systems. They have a state-of-the-art technology they use in their systems. Their systems are engineered to provide years of reliable, hassle free services. They have industry-leading customer and technical support services. Every system is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. One of their best systems is their Automate AM9 model. Some of it’s features are it’s virtual tach, it’s D2D and ESP2 programming port, remote start, parking light flash confirmation, failsafe starter kill, remote door lock and unlock, dual stage shock sensor and remote panic. 

Automate offers systems with keyless, failsafe, and anti-theft features. If you buy a clifford system without installation or by an unauthorized retailer your warranty will be void. Custom Audio is an official retailer of Clifford and will gladly instal any system you need! A great product they have is the  Clifford 5904X. This system has an onboard stinger double-guard remote with adjustable shock sensor, 4 auxiliary outputs channels for optional functions, fail-safe starter kill, one mile range with SST, one responder HD color supercode 2-way with one 5-button 1-way and dome light supervision.  

Protect your vehicle investment! Come into Custom Audio to purchase one of these quality security systems!  

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