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Eugene’s Best Selection of Kenwood eXcelon XR Products ~ PART I: Amplifiers

We’d like to start our 3 PART Blog Series on Eugene’s Best Selection of Kenwood eXcelon XR Products by talking about their XR Series Amplifiers. We know from previous posts that Kenwood products are designed for audio enthusiasts! They offer the best sound tuning ability and sound quality. Overall, providing the highest level of performance of all other products out there! Have you been wanting high performance products that fit into the small shelves of your entertainment center? In addition to their quality, these amplifiers are the thinnest out on market! If you were to stack 3 iPhones on top of each other, this is the height of the amplifiers in this Series. In this blog, we’re going to highlight the XR600-1, XR400-4, X500-1 and X450-4. 


XR600-1, eXcelon Reference Fit Mono Digital Power Amplifier (Max Power: 1200 Watts)

This amp not only has equalizer systems and high voltage preouts, but also has a small footprint design. These amps have a variable low-pass filter, gold-plated line input terminals, battery/ground terminals, and speaker output terminals. These reference fit amps make for Kenwood’s best sounding amps. 


XR400-4, eXcelon Reference Fit Four-Channel Digital Power Amplier (Max Power: 1000 Watts)

This amp features air cooling, small footprint design, gold-plated line input terminals, battery/ground terminals, speaker output terminals. This product also has both Variable Low-Pass Filter and a Variable High-Pass Filter!

X500-1, eXcelon Mono Digital Power Amplifier (Max Power: 1000 Watts)

This amp features, variable bass boost, so when you adjust the fixed bass boost frequency (40Hz) it maximizes the natural bass performance. It also features variable low-pass filter and small footprint design. This Class D amp is incredibly efficient! The class makes smaller demands on the electrical system of the car, which then produces less heat. 


X450-4, eXcelon Asymmetrical 4 Channel Power Amplifier (Max Power: 900 Watts)

This amp features variable high-and low pass filters. Also this product has an assymetrical 4-Ch design. The unique design allows the amp to run in a 4-channel mode for demanding front/rear speakers. It also can run a 3-channel mode for front speakers and a subwoofer at 300W RMS simultaneously. 

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